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We have heard the struggles of artists, therefor we developed the TravelPaint 800 Painting Easel to suit your needs: Tripod Specifications:
Folded Height 630mm
Maximum Height 1565mm
Maximum Leg Tubing Diameter 25x19.2mm
Leg Sections 3
Leg Angles N/A
Column Sections N/A
Leg Locking Mechanism Clip lock
Material Aluminium
TravelPaint 800 Painting Easel Features:  🎨 Paint without ever having to touch your painting again until it is finished an dry. 🎨 Protect your painting. 🎨 Swivel your painting to exactly the right angle. 🎨 Adjust the height of the painting. 🎨 Fasten your painting from the inside so that all 4 sides are open on the outside for painting. 🎨 Super light weight of only 1.8Kg. 🎨 Only 100cm X 15cm X 15cm when folded up. 🎨 Made from BirchPly 🎨 Framed canvas up to 31″ X 31″ and hight up to cover 🎨 Board canvases up to 30″ X 30″